School Travel Planning Manual

Currently under development! We are currently rebuilding the STP program and anticipate launching a pilot study in the Spring of 2024, with a open call for schools to participate in the Fall of 2024. Interested schools should contact the committee co-chairs.

Learn more about our current plan by reviewing the following summary.


Forward Documents

The School Travel Planning Manual is designed to provide an overview of how schools can better support families to use active modes of transportation when traveling to and from school each day. The current School Travel Planning Manual is under development, so the following is a summary of what the Manual will contain.

Phase 1: School Profile

Phase 1 Overview

Principal / Vice Principal registers to access School Travel Planning Portal on

School Travel Planning Registration

Introduction email sent from ELMO ASRTS Chairs to welcome them to STP, instruction for next steps, and to  provide login information to complete school assessment.

Principal will be asked to complete School Profile with School Council, which includes (1) School Profile, (2) AST School Strengths, & (3) AST Concerns.

School Travel Planning School Profile

Phase 2: Create Action Plan

Created based on the AST issues identified in the School Assessment. Schools will receive an associated set of solutions of varying complexity to address each identified issue.

Phase 2 Overview


Education & encouragement not requiring external resources. In-school curriculum connected activities to increase AST.

School Community

Education & encouragement activities requiring external resources or engineering solutions addressing specific issues on school property.

Neighbourhood Community

Complex solutions focused on engineering, enforcement, & evaluation (or multiple E’s). Deals with more significant concerns & require many external partners to complete.

Phase 3: Implement Action Plan

Phase 3 Documents

ASRTS partners will hold a meeting with each school that completes Phase 2 to review the Action Plan, help prioritize solutions, & determine school capacity.

Schools with greater need and Schools with Neighbourhood Community Solutions will be offered more support from ASRTS partners.

Action Plan items are selected and implemented, with feedback and notes provided to ASRTS through the committee website.

A new School profile can be completed annually to assess progress and to get new ideas for implementation.