Pedestrian Crossovers (PXO)

What are they & how do they work?

A pedestrian crossover (PXO) is a designated crossing area that allows pedestrians to safely cross the road where vehicles must yield to the pedestrian. PXOs are identified by specific pavement markings and crossing signs.

Pedestrians have the right of way at PXOs; drivers and cyclists must stop behind the yield line (triangles that look like “sharks’ teeth”) and wait until the pedestrian completely finishes crossing the road before proceeding. All road users must obey pedestrian crossover rules; laws are in effect around- the- clock.

It is important that drivers, cyclists and pedestrians each know their role when approaching a PXO.

To learn more about the responsibilities of drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists, as well as fine and penalties, visit the City of London website or Ontario Ministry of Transportation.



The following resources are intended to promote the safe and accurate use of PXO's in elementary schools.


Educational & Promotional Materials

*NEW* Lego Stop-Motion VIDEOS!

Tony the Streetwise Cat Presents:

CROSSING Safely at Pedestrian Crossovers (instructions for pedestrians & cyclists)

Tony the Streetwise Cat Presents:

DRIVING Safely at Pedestrian Crossovers (instructions for drivers & cyclists)

Rack Cards & Posters

The City of London has developed posters that can be displayed inside the school and rack cards that can be placed in the office or taken to events.

Check with your school's Public Health Nurse or Contact ASRTS to inquire about availability of printed resources.

pdf  Poster (Responsibilities of drivers, cyclists & pedestrians)
pdf  Poster (Responsibilities of pedestrians only)

School Announcements

Is your school doing a full campaign? Feel free to use or adapt these announcements for over the PA system:

icon word  PXO Announcements (editable)

Newsletter Inserts

icon-photo.png  Newsletter Insert (includes both an image & editable version)
icon word 
Newsletter text (Longer description included)

Student Presentations

Our Active School Travel Safety Presentations now include the PXO videos in addition to the ‘how to cross safesy at traffic lights’ video. Depending on the school and their needs, you can choose to use or hide any of the videos and content for your audience.



Activities & Events

Colouring & Activity Sheet

Educators can use both the colouring sheets and the Tony the Streetwise Cat Videos to further reinforce the message.

pdf  Pedestrian Crossover Tony colouring sheet and matching activity
pdf  Crossing Safely at Traffic Lights colouring sheet to go with first Tony the Streetwise Video

Demonstration Resource

Excellent for classroom education or evening events, such as parent/ teacher nights.

Comes with PXO mat and ‘Stop for Pedestrians’ signs on dowels (cars and pylons provided by the school). Currently stored at the Middlesex-London Health Unit. For those in Middlesex-London, contact your Public Health Nurse to reserve. For those in Elgin or Oxford County, please contact ASRTS if interested.

Have children take turns being the pedestrians and drivers and practice pointing to show you want to cross (pedestrian), making eye contact (both) and stopping at or behind the “sharks’ teeth” (driver).

 Emily Carr PXO2

Event with Tony the Streetwise Cat

These educational events with a Tony the Streetwise Cat mascot are funding-dependent. If the school is able to access funding ($125 for mascot rental), partners from the London Middlesex Road Safety Committee and Active & Safe Routes to School can be invited to come to a school to provide education on pedestrian safety and proper use of a PXO.

The usual format is to work with one or two classrooms, provide the education, then take small groups (8-10 students) out to the PXO with Tony the Streetwise Cat, to practice using the PXO in their school community.

Contact ASRTS if you are interested.

 Kids crossing at PXO