School Travel Planning Manual

Green Communities Canada is the innovator of School Travel Planning. The process and resources found within this School Travel Planning Manual have been adapted from the national School Travel Planning Toolkit to be specific to the Elgin, Middlesex and Oxford communities.

A printed copy of the School Travel Planning (STP) Manual is available for any school within the municipalities of Elgin, London, Middlesex, Oxford or St. Thomas, that is undertaking a School Travel Plan.

Please Contact Us if you are interested in starting a STP and are in need of your own copy of the STP Manual.

Please download and use any of the resources below to assist with your school’s STP.

1. Set Up

pdf  1. Success Stories
pdf  2. 5 Steps STP
pdf  3. Elementary School Readiness Checklist
pdf  4. School Agreement
pdf  5. School Profile

Helpful Documents:

icon word  STP Committee Terms of Reference. Can be used to guide STP committees in their purpose, objectives and governance. Feel free to adapt to work for your individual school.

2. Task Lists, Roles, Responsibilities

spacer 1. STP Online Survey Task List

3. Surveys

  1. Youth Survey / To access the youth survey, please contact us
  2. Family Survey JK - Grade 3 / To access the family surveys, please contact us
  3. Family Survey Grades 4-8 / To access the family surveys, please contact us
  3b. Hands Up Survey/ To access the hands-up survey, visit here. If your school is not listed or you would like a copy of your school's data, please contact us
pdf 4. Copying & Coding Worksheet (NOTE: For paper version only)
pdf 5. Copying & Coding Process (NOTE: For paper version only)

Helpful Documents:

Online Video for handing out Invitation Letter for Online Family Surveys & Consent Forms to Grades 4-8 Classrooms

pdf  Presentation Script to use after the video has been shown for handing out Family Surveys & Consent Forms to Grades 4-8 Classrooms

pdf   Presentation Script to use without the video for handing out Family Surveys & Consent Forms to Grades 4-8 Classrooms

icon word  Teacher Newsletter that can also go with Grades JK-3 Surveys as instructions for teachers to handout to their students

pdf Tablet Guide that provides instructions for completing youth surveys on the HEAL Tablets

4. Traffic Counts & Observations

pdf  1. Traffic Counts & Observations – Introduction
pdf  2. Traffic Counts & Observations Tally Sheet Example
pdf  3. Traffic Counts & Observations Tally Sheet
pdf  4. Traffic Counts & Observations Map Example
spacer  5. Traffic Counts & Observations Summary
pdf  6. Busing Tally Sheet

5. Walkabout

pdf  1. Walkabout - Introduction
pdf  2. Walkabout Invitation Checklist
pdf  3. Walkabout Worksheet Example
pdf  4. Walkabout Worksheet
pdf  5. Walkabout Map Example

6. Action Plan

pdf  1. Action Plan Example
pdf  2. Action Plan Template
pdf  3. Celebrate Your Success

7. Newsletter Inserts Announcements

pdf  1. Newsletter Templates for Parents
pdf  2. Newsletter Template for Teachers
spacer  3. STP Newsletter Inserts
pdf  4. Pedestrian Safety Announcements
pdf  5. Newsletters - Senior Technologist Transportation

8. Contacts, Websites, Additional Programs & Resources

pdf  1. Contacts Template
pdf  2. Committee Sign-Up Sheet
spacer  3. Website Contacts
pdf  4. Walking School Bus Brochure

9. Curriculum Connections

pdf  1. Curriculum Connections

pdf  2. Community Mapping Activities
An interdisciplinary approach providing students with an opportunity to actively contribute to their school community by producing a digital map of the active transportation options. Curriculum connections in science, social studies, people and environments, healthy active living, and language (writing and media literacy).

Helpful Link:

The CAA Educational Site is packed with learning tools and teaching aids that were developed based on the age of the students you're teaching.

10. Evaluations

The process for Evaluations is under development. Please contact your STP facilitator or Contact Us if you are at the Evaluation phase of your STP or require further direction regarding Evaluation.

  1. Family Survey Follow Up JK - Grade 3 / To access the family surveys, please contact us
  2. Family Survey Follow Up Grades 4-8 / To access the family surveys, please contact us
  3. Youth Survey baseline & Follow Up - see 3.1 above
  4. Traffic Counts & Observations - see section 4
  5. Walkabout - see section 5