Getting Started with School Travel Planning (STP) at Your School!

The School Travel Planning Manual is a guide with everything you need to work through the 5-step process.

1. Set up

  • Introduce STP to the principal, school community and community partners
  • Start a STP school committee
  • Set a timeline for the STP process

2. Collect Baseline Data

  • Youth and family surveys
  • Traffic counts and observations
  • A Walkabout to look at the “walkability” around your school

3. Develop Action Plan

  • Identify strengths and concerns
  • Plan actions that target school-specific concerns related to active transportation
    • For example:
      Concern > nowhere to safely park / lock bikes at school
      Action > have bike racks put in a visible place

4. Carry Out Action Plan

  • STP committee takes action to address concerns
  • Inform the school community and community partners on progress
  • Update Action Plan as needed

5. Evaluation

  • Collect follow-up data to track progress
  • Celebrate successes!

If you would like to start a STP in your school, Contact Us and go to the School Travel Planning Manual for more information, tools and resources.