Curriculum Connections

The following document highlights areas where the Active & Safe Routes to School Program may be linked to The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8, 1998. We have indicated where potential fits exist by grade, curriculum area, strand and associated expectations.

Active & Safe Routes to School is primarily a parent-driven program but there are many opportunities for the involvement of students through classroom activities that link to the Ontario Curriculum. Other school groups and users can be engaged in the program, e.g. Environmental Clubs, English as Second Language (ESL) students, After School Programs, etc. as well.

pdf Download the ASRTS Curriculum Connections

Four Grade 5 lessons plans have been developed with an interdisciplinary approach providing students with an opportunity to actively contribute to their school community by producing a digital map of the active transportation options.

Curriculum connections in Science: Conservation of Energy and Resources, Social Studies, People and Environments, Language, Writing, and Media Literacy.

pdf Download the Community Mapping Activities


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