Climate Change & Active School Travel

Go Green Travel Clean

The Human Environments Analysis Laboratory at Western University received funding to support the development of educational materials and messaging to connect Active School Travel with Climate Change. The following are resources available to use in schools and within the community. 


A scoping literature review was conducted by HEALab student Alina Medeiros. The following PowerPoint presentation is the results of this work. For more information about this review, please contact the HEALab at heal @

Climate Change and AST PowerPoint


11 x 17 Go Green Travel Clean

11 x 17 Walk to School

11 x 17 Take the School Bus

11 x 17 Idle Free for the Kids

Activities with Curriculum Connections

A series of activities promoting the different messages of Climate Change and Active School Travel have been developed with related curriculum connections around the three themes of the campaign: Idle Free for the Kids; Take the School Bus; and Walk to School. 

Idle Free for the Kids


Take the School Bus


Walk to School


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