Walking & Wheeling Campaigns

Walking Campaigns are used to encourage active transportation to and from school and educate the school community on the benefits of doing so. Having regular walking and wheeling promotional campaigns and events throughout the school year can increase the likelihood of results and success.

International Walk to School Day / Week/ Month in October, also known as iWalk, is a great way to kick off the promotion of active transportation for a school year (further information below). Other events throughout the year could include Walk & Wheel Wednesdays (also described further below), “Winter Walk Day ” (February), Earth Week (April), Spring into Spring, Environment Week (June) and Summer Safety Week to make walking and wheeling events a celebration throughout the year!

Check out our resources for how to get started with walking and wheeling campaigns started at your school!

iWalk – International Walk to School Day/ Week/ Month

International Walk to School Month (iWalk) is an international awareness event that takes place every October to raise awareness about walking to school. Schools are encouraged to run fun events and activities to inspire more children and parents to walk to school and to educate the school community on the benefits of walking to school.

iWalk can be celebrated as a one-day event on a Wednesday early in October, a week or for the entire month.

For local resources including posters, announcements, newsletter inserts, and iWalk monthly activities or assembly ideas, see our Resources page.

You can also visit the International Walk to School Website  for additional information and resources.

NEW for iWalk 2018: Climate Change

October 2018 we will be focusing on climate change as our theme for iWalk. We have created a bunch of fun resources to help students Go Green and Travel Clean. Check out Climate Change and AST for posters, newsletters, announcements, social media campaigns, classroom activities, and more!

Walk & Wheel Wednesdays

Whatever name your school gives it, the idea is to designate a day per week or month to encourage walking and wheeling to school. A great way to increase the number of students walking and wheeling to school on a regular basis is to have a schedule of events right after International Walk to School Day in October.

  • Students who take the bus can also participate with walks at recess or lunch.
  • The distance students walk could be tracked to increase their motivation.
  • Maps could be made available for students to work towards “Walking across Canada”, or
  • a friendly competition between classrooms or schools with a reward at the end of the initiative.

Feel free to get creative and come up with your own campaigns to increase walking and wheeling at your school!