Curriculum Connections

There are many activities found online, directly relating to the Ontario curriculum, that encourages and excites students to participate or promote active transportation. Some examples include:

  • Terry Fox Run
  • icycle Rodeos
  • Passports
  • Steps Across Canada
  • Community Mascots Walk to School
  • Family First
  • Funky Dress
  • School Challenges
  • Clean Air Achievers
  • Theme Days
  • Crazy Ideas
  • Globe Trotting
  • Eye Spy
  • Thanksgiving Turkey Trot
  • Wild Walking, Greening Trees
  • The Nature Challenge
  • Traffic Pollution Survey
  • Decorate with Posters
  • Puppet Show
  • Walk to School Fashion Show
  • Sidewalk Chalk the School Yard
  • Guest Speakers
  • Community Mapping Activities

To find out more ways that Active & Safe Routes to School can be incorporated into your lesson plans see Curriculum Connections in the STP Manual or